Mr. Aman Rajoria

Managing Director-Private Bank (India), Standard Chartered Bank

“As an integral part of Private Banking community, we thrive to assist our clients with various financial issues. With the need of continuous enhancement in the knowledge quotient in Wealth Management space, I decided to enroll for the CFP Certification Course at the International Institute of Research & Wealth Management (IIRWM).

IIRWM leadership team helped me to jumpstart and thereafter refined my knowledge on Financial Planning and Wealth Management. I sincerely gained from the course and also cleared my CFP Final Exam in March, 2021. Truly appreciate the support and encouragement of the entire team. For those looking out to pursue CFP Course, I would highly recommend IIRWM.”

- Mr. Aman Rajoria

Mr.Jeet Narain Chaudhuri

Director-Standard Chartered Private Bank

With a career in private banking and investment advisory, I have been looking at options to improve my skill set. I have always wanted to complete the CFP program, however the time for preparation amidst work and family has always hindered me away from pursuing that goal.

I was introduced to the team at IIRWM, that convinced me to take the time and the plunge, and explained to me the advantages that come with it. With a focussed approach to the entire course, and with guidance that made me understand the concepts of financial planning simpler, Mr. Tapas Saha was instrumental in my getting a better understanding of the concepts, helping me grow into a stronger private banker. I completed and achieved my goal on Feb 2021. For people looking guidance on this course, I would strongly recommend taking the help of the IIRWM team.

- Mr.Jeet Narain Chaudhuri

Rajashree Banerjee

Process Associate – Capgemini India

First of all, a huge thanks to Mr.Tapas Saha in order to help me to achieve the CFP certification course. Being a part of a French organization at present, I wanted to pursue a course which would rather help to strengthen my skills more, also to restructure my career growth in order to support my clients to achieve their business goals. Hence, I chose the gateway to CFP. Initially I was referred to some other organizations but as I heard about IIRWM from my colleagues and its success stories, joined this institution. But in real it brought a better understanding on financial planning & its implementations in an accumulative manner.

I have completed the course and examination in 2020. The classes were of great help to me as it started covering from the basics to advance. Hence, I would like to recommend and advise students who would like to have a better career options should join IIRWM.

- Rajashree Banerjee

Sovan Santra, CFP CM

I being an investment banker, wanted to pursue a course which would help me in shaping my career growth along with helping my clients achieve their financial goals. That's when I thought of doing CFP. I was referred to IIRWM for better insights into this course. Mr. Tapas Saha took me through the benefits and advantages that would help me in grooming my advisory related to financial market understanding and implementation. I cleared my exam in July'2020.

The classes were very thorough and explanatory with all the basics and concepts. Classroom coaching helped me immensely in understanding the financial needs and how to attain it by wealth accumulation, wealth creation and wealth transfer. I would like to thank Tapas Saha for his continuous support and guidance. I would recommend IIRWM to those who want to build their career in the financial market being a Certified Financial Planner.

- Sovan Santra, CFP CMSenior Manager - YES BANK

Shivani Shetty

Credit Suisse (Online Course Student)

As an MBA graduate in finance, I knew I had to do more to succeed in today's competitive world. Knowing that, I wanted to explore more in the area of finance especially personal finance and after researching on CFP I was referred to Tapas Sir and started with my program in 2020. At IIRWM each and every concept is touched upon, explained in detail and made very easy to understand. They have a wonderful team who are always ready to help and solve all queries related to the syllabus which I would say has played a major role in helping me clear my exams.

Lastly, I would like to thank Sir and his team for helping me achieve this milestone.

- Shivani Shetty

Subhankar Chakraborty. Financial Advisor, CFP Partner – Perfect Finserv Cleared CFP-AFP With Grade A

Certified Financial Planner – CFP “I being a financial advisor, wanted to bring a certain degree of finesse in my advisor. In quest of an in-depth insight on financial planning. I found the course, CFP, which I thought would shape me into a better advisor and help me achieve my goal. In pursuit of the skills required to achieve this, I got in touch with Mr. Tapas Saha, through his social networking page of IIRWM. He took me through the learning process which needs to be followed, not only to complete the course, but beyond that to successful practice financial planning as a professional and above all add value to the quality of advisory. Under his guidance I cleared my exam in December 2020 with a Grade A.”

“The session with him were thoroughly analytical and insightful. It helped me to understand the basic and advanced concepts of financial planning and how they can be implemented through strategic use of available financial tools towards risk management, wealth creation, accumulation, and transfer. I will always be indebted to Mr. Tapas Saha for his continuous guidance and support throughout the learning process. I would strongly recommend IIRWM to those who want to pursue their career in financial advisory being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.”

- Subhankar Chakraborty. Financial Advisor, CFP Partner – Perfect Finserv Cleared CFP-AFP With Grade A

Zeeshan Ahmed

HDFC Asset Management Co Ltd

Being a part of the Financial industry, it is essential to be informed of the various financial products and their features. CFP gives a holistic knowledge regarding the same and after having accomplished the course, I feel more confident and could guide my clients in a more effective way. I would like to give my sincere gratitude to IIRWM under the mentorship of Mr. Tapas Saha, in guiding and supporting me throughout the process. There is a lot to learn from him apart from the curriculum itself.

Recommend you to pursue the course under Tapas Sir's mentorship, his enthusiasm and energy to teach us is just phenomenal.

- Zeeshan Ahmed

Ovishek Chowdhury

Partner- FIFTYONE ENTERPRISES LLP, AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor

Being from a different background when I joined my family business of Financial Product Distribution, it was a new domain for me, which require lot of knowledge and technical skill. From the very beginning, my motto was to gather as much professional knowledge & skills as possible with an aim to do CFP.

After 3 years of working independently as MFD, in 2019, I came to know about Mr Tapas Saha Sir from the Industry Seniors and I decided to enrol myself for CFP Course classroom program at IIRWM Siliguri centre. I must say it was an eye opener. The in depth analysis in regular classes, tools & techniques taught by Sir is really very much relevant to my profession and very useful. Due to covid situation, last few modules I have to undergone through video classes and related assignment and practice mock tests, I must say each and every study material turned out very helpful for me. Finally, I appeared for CFP – AFP exam on 20th Feb’21 and cleared it on first attempt. Without the able guidance of Mr. Tapas Saha& Mr Avijit it was not possible for me. I highly recommend IIRWM to future CFP aspirants. All the best to Team IIRWM.

- Ovishek Chowdhury

Rikth Dutta, CWM CFP, M.COM

Chartered Wealth Manager- CWM “I joined Chartered Wealth Manager Course at International Institute of Research and Wealth Management (IIRWM) back in 2019 and became a CWM charter holder on 11th March 2019. If you ask me to share my experience in one word then I will say “tresbien”- in Frecnch, which is literally means ‘Very Good’.”

“The program is elaborate, self-satisfactory and filled with core finance knowledge that a true professional seeks. The coursework provider by IIRWM is sufficient, precise and informative. The quality of information provider by our teacher is exceptionally good and to the point. I personally loved the examples that our teacher gave, to make us understand the theoretical concepts in a practical way. Lastly, I would like to say that, I highly recommend IIRWM and a big thanks to entire IIRWM team for giving my career a bog boost.”

- Rikth Dutta, CWM CFP, M.COM

Dipan Saha


In the initial days into BFSI industry, I came across this course known as CFP. I wanted to pursue it from an Institute where I can learn the practical aspects also.

That's when I came across IIRWM and Tapas sir has been instrumental in the outcome of my journey. In professional courses, concept building is the catalyst to crack the exam, which was taken good care of by Tapas Sir. I strongly recommend IIRWM for those who wish to pursue CFP.

- Dipan Saha

Aditi Nundy

Director-Dayco Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Our country had rightly decided to segregate the investor advisory and execution services and to keep an arms-length distance between them. We felt it is the time for us to gear up. In recent decades, the Indian Capital Market grew manifold with a rapid inflow of investible surplus and sharp rise in market capitalisation. Our clients always deserve the best and we hence decided to add professional excellence to our traditional services. While the system may execute services on its own, human intervention is indeed necessary to understand the needs, set priorities and reach life goals.

IIRWM helped our team to cope up with the changed environment. Mr. Tapas Saha, CFPCM guided me to enhance my skills in the right way and raise my level to international standard set by FPSB, USA. My heartfelt gratitude to team IIRWM.

- Aditi Nundy

Md. Sah Alam

, State Bank of India (SBI), ASSISTANT MANAGER

I am in the service of leading PSU. Over the years, I discovered that family and future concern is that a customer needs. They are really in search of true financial planning in a concrete way. This necessity became a catalyst to my desire to be a Financial Planner. As soon as I thoughtto be a true Financial Planner, I joined IIRWM .

I am very glad to write that, this coaching centre specially under our favourite Mr.Tapas Sir was very significant and fruitful. He was our true mentor. Most comprehensive easy method, friendly guidance in consecutive classes boosts new comers confidence. All these reinforce me to constant practice and achieve my goal. It was an amazing pathfinder to me.

- Md. Sah Alam

Prasanta Chakraborty


As a part of Financial Sector, it is always challenging to explain people with rapidly changing products and services. Answering to questions like "Why a product is better than others?" or "How a product will help them meet financial needs?" And the solution to this came to an end after I joined IIRWMfor CFP Certification classes.

The faculty over there have provided necessary knowledge and skills that made things simplified for me. The faculty head Mr. Tapas Saha Sir was always there solving doubts with real life cases. It helped me clear my CFP exam and prosper in work having a better career opportunity.

- Prasanta Chakraborty

Ruchi Agarwal

Counsellor-International Institute of Research & Wealth Management (IIRWM)

Igreatly appreciate the efforts of the entire IIRWM team. Mr. Tapas Saha Sir's sessions have been ofimmense help because it is taught by someone who walks the talk.I nowhave a better understanding of financial tools and to develop and optimise strategies to develop a financial plan. Justifiably recommend IIRWM to one who is eager to pursue Financial Planning and Wealth Management related-course.

- Ruchi Agarwal

Monojeet Brahma

BA Economics

I would like to thank IIRWM for introducing me to the world of financial planning through Certified Financial Planning Course. Financial Planning is a strategic process which needs lot of learning and guidance. I am grateful to Tapas SahaSir for making all this very easy and enjoyable throughout the course.

If you're looking for a career in financial planning, IIRWM is the go to Institute where you should be allocating your resources.

- Monojeet Brahma

Akshat Tripathi, CFP, BESC

Certified Financial Planner – CFP “CFP was the one course I always wanted to do and belive would be no other perosn better than Tapas Sir to guide me for the same. Tapas sir taught each and every concept really well and he also gave assignment to get more clarity on the concepts. Sir also guide on how to approach exams so that we would be able to get through with it.”

“Just because of Sir’s guidance and motivation I was able to clar all my exams in the first shot. I belive if we look for CFP there is no better institute that IIRWM. Thank you sir for helping me add CFP to my name”

- Akshat Tripathi, CFP, BESC

Richa Poddar


It is my immense luck and fortune to be the part of IIRWM.The entire faculty,specially Tapas Sir leaves no stone unturned to shape one’s future.The study material provided by the Institute is precise and sufficient.The techniques,shortcuts and assignments given by Sir was very beneficial in clearing the exam.Each and every doubt is being cleared in the classroom itself and Sir is always ready to guide us whenever there is a need.

Thank you Sir for your support and guidance which helped me clear my CFP exam.Lastly, I would like to say that,I highly recommend IIRWM to those who wants to build their career in finance field.

- Richa Poddar

Chetan Joshi

I was in the very first batch of the CFP curriculum classes in my BhawanipurCollege, we were in the batch of 2016. From the first CFP Class till CFP Certification,Tapas Sir has given a lot,not only in the terms of regular classes but he has evolved our Aptitude,soft & hard skills and Technical skills most importantly.

He has groomed us in the manner,Icould never think Iwould become myself by anyone else. I think We are not only "Job Ready", We are "Life Ready". I thank IIRWM and BESC College,most importantly Tapas Sir for encouraging me and introducing me to the world of finance.

- Chetan Joshi

Nischay Avichal

Pursuing CFP from IIRWM was a journey for me both professionally and individually.I have to specially thank Tapas sir for his immense guidance and his mastery in helping students navigate each topic with ease and personally making sure every resource is at their disposal. I gained a lot from the course and acknowledge the support of everyone who has been part of this journey with me.

Thankyou Sir, I couldn't have done it without your persistent guidance and support.

- Nischay Avichal

Sambhav Rekhawat

CFP Certification was my entry in the world of finance. I thank Tapas Sir for helping and guiding me in this path. Sir is an excellent tutor and is well versed in the field. He is a great inspiration and support to anyone who wants to start a career in finance.

- Sambhav Rekhawat

Sayantani Guha Roy

There are few people that I have learnt from within any capacity of my life that I would recommend more strongly than Tapas Saha Sir. Completing the CFP course can be puzzling, time consuming and for beginners extremely intimidating. That's where IIRWM comes in. Sir, worked tirelessly every step of the way to ensure we ace the examination and find our appeal in the professional sphere. His profound practical experiences and subsequent triumphs motivated us to learn with a greater zeal.

IIRWM is one of the if not the best institute for learning the CFP course and one can enroll without any worries.

- Sayantani Guha Roy

Sinchita Majumdar

B.Com (Hons.)

As a finance major student, I feel CFP Certification shall not only add value to my personal attributes but also help me shape my long term goals in the financial sector. IIRWM has helped me understand the curriculum, provided me with all the required resources and also references required by me to start working in the industry.

If someone is looking to build their career in field of finance then I would highly recommend them IIRWM, as the blend of knowledge and experience found here is something which is very rare. Mr.Tapas Saha ensures that students get full support throughout their journey. I am really thankful to him for making all of this possible.

- Sinchita Majumdar

Swati Kumari, CFP

Certified Financial Planner – CFP “Being a finance major student. I always wanted to build a career in the financial sector. I got to know about the CFP course and Mr. Tapas Saha sir helped in the better understanding of this course.”

“The classes that I took in IIRWM were very helpful and extensively cover all the aspects of the CFP course. I would like to recommend IIRWM to everyone who wants to pursue this well renowned profession of CFP.”

- Swati Kumari, CFP