Sovan Santra, CFP CM

I being an investment banker, wanted to pursue a course which would help me in shaping my career growth along with helping my clients achieve their financial goals. That's when I thought of doing CFP. I was referred to IIRWM for better insights into this course. Mr. Tapas Saha took me through the benefits and advantages that would help me in grooming my advisory related to financial market understanding and implementation. I cleared my exam in July'2020.

The classes were very thorough and explanatory with all the basics and concepts. Classroom coaching helped me immensely in understanding the financial needs and how to attain it by wealth accumulation, wealth creation and wealth transfer. I would like to thank Tapas Saha for his continuous support and guidance. I would recommend IIRWM to those who want to build their career in the financial market being a Certified Financial Planner.

- Sovan Santra, CFP CMSenior Manager - YES BANK

Akshat Tripathi, CFP, BESC

Certified Financial Planner – CFP “CFP was the one course I always wanted to do and belive would be no other perosn better than Tapas Sir to guide me for the same. Tapas sir taught each and every concept really well and he also gave assignment to get more clarity on the concepts. Sir also guide on how to approach exams so that we would be able to get through with it.”

“Just because of Sir’s guidance and motivation I was able to clar all my exams in the first shot. I belive if we look for CFP there is no better institute that IIRWM. Thank you sir for helping me add CFP to my name”

- Akshat Tripathi, CFP, BESC

Rikth Dutta, CWM CFP, M.COM

Chartered Wealth Manager- CWM “I joined Chartered Wealth Manager Course at International Institute of Research and Wealth Management (IIRWM) back in 2019 and became a CWM charter holder on 11th March 2019. If you ask me to share my experience in one word then I will say “tresbien”- in Frecnch, which is literally means ‘Very Good’.”

“The program is elaborate, self-satisfactory and filled with core finance knowledge that a true professional seeks. The coursework provider by IIRWM is sufficient, precise and informative. The quality of information provider by our teacher is exceptionally good and to the point. I personally loved the examples that our teacher gave, to make us understand the theoretical concepts in a practical way. Lastly, I would like to say that, I highly recommend IIRWM and a big thanks to entire IIRWM team for giving my career a bog boost.”

- Rikth Dutta, CWM CFP, M.COM

Subhankar Chakraborty. Financial Advisor, CFP Partner – Perfect Finserv Cleared CFP-AFP With Grade A

Certified Financial Planner – CFP “I being a financial advisor, wanted to bring a certain degree of finesse in my advisor. In quest of an in-depth insight on financial planning. I found the course, CFP, which I thought would shape me into a better advisor and help me achieve my goal. In pursuit of the skills required to achieve this, I got in touch with Mr. Tapas Saha, through his social networking page of IIRWM. He took me through the learning process which needs to be followed, not only to complete the course, but beyond that to successful practice financial planning as a professional and above all add value to the quality of advisory. Under his guidance I cleared my exam in December 2020 with a Grade A.”

“The session with him were thoroughly analytical and insightful. It helped me to understand the basic and advanced concepts of financial planning and how they can be implemented through strategic use of available financial tools towards risk management, wealth creation, accumulation, and transfer. I will always be indebted to Mr. Tapas Saha for his continuous guidance and support throughout the learning process. I would strongly recommend IIRWM to those who want to pursue their career in financial advisory being a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.”

- Subhankar Chakraborty. Financial Advisor, CFP Partner – Perfect Finserv Cleared CFP-AFP With Grade A

Swati Kumari, CFP

Certified Financial Planner – CFP “Being a finance major student. I always wanted to build a career in the financial sector. I got to know about the CFP course and Mr. Tapas Saha sir helped in the better understanding of this course.”

“The classes that I took in IIRWM were very helpful and extensively cover all the aspects of the CFP course. I would like to recommend IIRWM to everyone who wants to pursue this well renowned profession of CFP.”

- Swati Kumari, CFP